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Dear Chip,

On behalf of myself and my four fishing partners, I would like to tell you and anyone else that might be interested in visiting La Posada de los Farios, that it is undoubtedly the best of the best.

As you know, I have booked several trips throughout Alaska and South America with your company. Each trip has been wonderful. But, my last trip was the best of everything. Rex and his staff became family. The scenery was beyond belief. Our trip on horseback to Rex's lake was unforgettable and fishing the fjords was like living a dream. I also caught the biggest rainbow of my life!

To anyone who is thinking about visiting La Posada de los Farios, don't think any longer. You will be blessed if you can take advantage of the opportunity.

Best Regards,

R. Gaylord Layton






La Posada de los Farios and the people who run it and work there are first class. If I was going to dream the perfect lodge in the perfect setting, on a perfect stream, this would be it. I hope I can return again next year.

Bob Carran (13 visits to La Posada!)




Dear Mike and Pat,

Thanks for recommending our trip to visit Rex and Maike in Chile. I cannot stress what a fabulous time we had. While we expected great scenery, what we got was spectacular and extremely diverse. The fishing was excellent, a different experience every day. The highlight being an incredible trip down to the fjords where we got into big rainbows all day long. What we did not expect was the gracious manner of all those at the lodge. We felt like guests of good friends. The whole staff was superb. The food was excellent, even by the standards of jaded New Yorkers. My wife especially appreciated the cultural aspects of the trip. We visited with neighboring ranches, drank Mate with the lady who sells Maike eggs and carrots, and thoroughly enjoyed our trip into the Patagonian outback. All in all it was a fantastic trip. I plan to return next year. Thanks for putting us onto such a great experience.


Steven Becker


We had a great time at La Posada de Los Farios. The weather was a bit rough, even by Patagonia standards so we weren't able to fish the private lake or the lower Cisnes, nevertheless we still experienced interesting and productive fishing every day. The wild flowers, the glaciers and the remoteness of the area (no other fishermen for five days), made it one of the most beautiful places I've ever fished. The lodge was just to my taste - simple yet comfortable with excellent food. I can't say enough about the quality of the guides and the support staff, and their eagerness to please. I usually don't visit a lodge a second time - so many places to fish, so little time - but I would definitely consider coming here again.

Andy Shetter

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