Why choose Chile Patagonia?


In one simple word: Experience. With over 20 years of outfitting experience in Chilean Patagonia's region of Aysen, now considered among the World's premier trout fishing Meccas.

Rex Bryngelson helped to establish the very first successful fly fishing lodge in the Patagonian region of Aysen back in 1989 and pioneered, not just the world-class Rio Cisnes, but also the spectacular fly fishing to be found in the Chilean Fjords. Rex was been instrumental in introducing this amazing area to the fly fishing community and in helping shape Chile's reputation as among the top trout fishing destinations on the planet. Rex still guide many of the clients who visit La Posada. You will rarely encounter a more capable guide anywhere.

The remote location of La Posada, 2 hours from the nearest sizable town, assures you won't have to get up at the break of dawn in order to beat other fishermen to the best spots. Unlike the increasingly crowded rivers surrrounding the Coyhaique area, the Rio Cisnes valley remains an amazingly off-the-grid and peaceful place where it is still quite rare to see any other fishermen at all during a week's stay.



Why visit Chilean Patagonia?


Chile's mountain landscape is stunningly beautiful and Chile is by far the safest and easiet South American country in which to travel. There are literally countless pristine rivers and lakes set amidst the spectacular Andean mountain scenery awaiting the adventurous fly angler..

Unlike many of its neighbors in South America, Chile possesses a strong economy, a stable and uncorrupt governmental system, very reliable transportation and communications, incredibly friendly people and a very low crime rate.

For the flyfishing enthusiast, Chile's side of Patagonia offers a wonderful variety of angling opportunities, without the crowds like you find on most of North America's best waters.

Chile's Patagonia is still the "Old West" and, truly among the last frontiers in the freshwater angling world with many remote lakes, rivers and streams yet to be explored with a fly rod.



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